Adding Organization to your Cabinets

Adding convenient organizers to your cabinets is usually not hard at all. The main thing you need to know is how big the cabinet opening is, and how deep your cabinets are.

The easiest organizing accessory is the wonderful roll out tray, which is like adding a drawer behind the cabinet doors. You can get roll trays very affordably, check with us regarding prices and fit. If you are actually starting with new cabinets, an even more sensible organizer is to use varied widths of drawer cabinets. Drawers are the best organizers of all, with no extra steps to get to their contents. Special dividers for these can be as easy as plastic trays from the dollar store.

Roll out wastebaskets are similarly helpful. I especially like to put a double waste bin in cabinets that are 15-21 wide. Recycling is much easier if you can keep separate areas for discarded recyclables.

Specialty can storage is expensive, but if you really like specialized storage, swing out pantry inserts can force you to be organized. There are very specific size requirements, so call us and we can advise how to make this work.

So many people love tip out trays in the area in front of the kitchen sink. I do not like them, because that is an area that I do not recommend storing things that are damp. Out of sight, out of mind, then one day you find a moldy small item when you remember to open this little gadget. These things are simply a specialized hinge with a small tray inside. I notice that the hinge makes the false front hang differently from the drawer fronts adjacent to them. Hard pass.

If you don't have room for many wall cabinets, you can add specialized dividers in the drawers to hold plates and bowls and prevent them from rattling. These are pegboard and dowel systems. In the right situations, these are very helpful.

So many cabinet companies use products from Rev-a-shelf, Hafele, and

. If you take a look at these companies websites and see something you are interested in, call your cabinet dealer and talk with them about it. Sometimes we can get the specialty storage you need based on or using the accessories you see on their catalogues. They are great for getting ideas, but wait to buy until after you speak with a cabinet pro, unless you know the product is perfect for you.

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