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What kind of cabinets are right for you.

Updated: Aug 25, 2021


In the thirty years that I have been helping people select cabinets I have seen it all. From the very start, the most concerning dilemma has been price versus quality. The times folks would sacrifice quality to use a lower priced particle board box did not always result in disaster, but often times it did. Brand new faucet installation- a little leak that has ruined a brand new particle board sink base overnight. The strength of the island that was pushed to the bursting limit by a new granite top. (I was asked to come see how I could help. You guessed it, we added real wood reinforcements to keep the particle board from collapsing.) With that in mind, I have chosen the best quality plywood product I could find that is as affordable as possible for our online store. Happily, these cabinets also have premium slow close hardware for the drawers and doors, which is also excellent for making them last and last. All that and a decent 4-6 week lead time!

Hand built quality design


The second consideration is the style you want for your home. Sometimes you will want to use minimalist style because your home already has a show stopper wood floor, or maybe you prefer to complement some elaborate wood work that is there with similar detail in your cabinet doors and trim. In our online store we have two paint colors and a dark wood stain that gives you several different possibilities from simple to tastefully decorative. There are also good looking crown moldings that adds the finesse you want. The affordability factor does limit variety, but it won’t feel like it when you see the stylish choices you do have.


Snow and Cloudy
Modern Shaker Design

Espresso and Snow stains
Traditional Overlay Shaker

Snow, Espresso and Cloudy stains available


For other styles we have Procraft brand cabinets for variety and the same great quality and value. Just email me for a quote for these styles:

Avalon Ashen and Arlington

Portland Essence Cemento

Atlas Blanco

These styles prices are similar to the Traditional Overlay Shaker that we have in our online offerings. I mention them specifically because they have 3-6 week lead time.


If you have other needs, and don’t mind a 20 week lead time, let’s talk about the huge spectrum of availability out there. My commitment is that I will get you the best value I can. Lea with Noti Cabinets

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