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Drawer construction.

Today's big box store has cabinets with beefy hardwood dovetailed drawer boxes that glide slowly shut, and spindly melamine covered particle board that bang shut with a clang. There's not much in between. If you really want a choice, we can get much lower pricing on the second version. I feel fairly certain that the value conscious consumer might want something that is upgraded, but how much? The ones I would like you to consider for great function and sturdiness in a custom cabinet are birch plywood with upgraded undermount hardware, but only cost a fraction of the price of the highest hardwood upgrade. The stock cabinets we have are already upgraded to have the fancy style. (they just cost less due to volume advantages) For that matter, if you are getting our custom cabinets, why not pick and choose how much of an upgrade you want based on what you want to store? Side mounted regular glides would be perfectly sensible for the drawer you want your aluminum foil and extra linens in. Did you know that a simple downgrade to a more basic drawer box and glide could save more than $100 per drawer? It is something worth exploring the next time we are planning your kitchen remodeling budget. The question is, how much do you care about the materials used if the drawer is doing its job and costing less? Call me and let's talk about it 541-799-6420 Lea

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